How Do Streaming Video On Facebook?

Twitter users are using Twitter and Facebook users to share with friends a lovely event in your life. Facebook’s Live Video 2015 is only used for the use of celebrities. Currently, this facility has been introduced for everyone. Facebook launches this feature in iPhone users in the United States. Facebook has announced that they will soon launch the Android app.

The way you do live streaming on Facebook
1. In the Facebook application, you will upload a video as you update a status.
2. On top of the keyboard, you get a new icon.
3. If you have not recently given a status, you will see a notification float above the check-in icon.
4. If you are ready for live video and broadcast, then select the icon.
5. If you touch the blue ‘Continuum’ button, you will be asked to describe your broadcast. You can define your video privacy on the same screen.
6. Since you will go live, the video feed will appear in your timeline. On the Broadcast screen, you will see how many visitors are watching the video, how long you are recording and even live comments.

Notification of video streaming will not be accessible to everyone. So to send the notification to everyone, you can already have a status. After the end of live video streaming, the video will display as your timeline video. If you want to watch the video later and your visitor’s visit will increase.

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