Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Basic Tutorial

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Basic Tutorial

Search Engine Optimization is a technique or process to search for a blog/website from a search engine online or on the first page in the search results or search engine optimization. It can be a kind of systematic trick to get good results from search engines. Because of optimizing the search engine properly, there will be a large number of visitors to your blog from search engines. Because search engine optimization allows search engines to get a clear idea of your blog. So search engine optimization is very important for the website.



How Search Engines Work: Search Engines All the websites of the World Wide Web, including all the link visits to all sites, ie by crawling, save all the types of databases by indexing. Later, according to the Search Engine Search Quote, the index of the blog’s good data is gradually published in search results. In this case, as well as search engine optimization of your blog, you will see the contents of your blog as much as the search results.



How the search engine shows the top of the blog: When a visitor searches on specific topics in the search engine, the search engine shows that according to this topic, the articles with the best content in that topic show up on top of all. According to the blog and content standards, then all the blog posts are being streamlined. Using the latest Ranking Algorithm with the search engine search query to show the best results of search engines.



Search Engine Optimization Algorithm: This is a mathematical calculation indexed for getting better results for Search Queries. It is more easily said that a series of indexes to be indexed according to the ranking and values of different blogs in search results. That is, the number whose content is above its content will be above all of the search results.



Search Engine Rank: When a person searches for a search engine, the search engine shows numerous content in the search results. The search result is basically Depend-up according to the blog’s search ranking. That is, whose blog’s Ranking content is as good as the content of its blog will show above the top of the search results, and if the ranking is not good, then your content will not show on the first page of search results.



On Page SEO and Off Page SEO Key: On Page, SEO is a process for setting up a proper keyword for a blog, Setting-up Meta, Naming Pages, Page Search descriptions etc. Off Page, SEO is a popular way of sharing content links on your blog, sharing various popular sites, creating backlinks, joining in different forums, etc.
White Hat and Black Hat SEO Keys: White Hat SEO is the technique of bringing your blog’s ranking to the top of search results by applying various technical web techniques. On the other hand, Black Hat SEO is using some illegal means to break the rules of search engines and increase the rank of blogs.

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