How to do online marketing?

You have created a website, where you can buy a membership with money and buy an online chat. (Again Kaden!). I’m talking about it, okay, I grabbed a site where shoes were found to buy. It will reach you to an internet user, is not it? If you are the only visitor to your site, then what is the profit! Maybe, you can tweet Twitter from Zero Folar after a little while, “What Balaam Ray” but the modern economy will not see it as a profit. You succeed when you get the desired amount of visitor, your product is being sold, and you are benefiting from it. Until then you fail

Stop, do not be angry There is a reason for saying you are worthless. Watch Tv

Indian TVS hear the name of Sky Sap, will be seen. I saw one of these products, Khoj Khab News Auction, and the matter is fake. I do not remember the name of the product, its work is made of muslin in your body. It means that you are happy to make the hero happy. To understand this product that is for you, many models of such models have been drawn for half an hour and they are going to advertise various temptations, with lots of adolescents, you will not believe, you will be able to do it, understand that!

Hmm, I went to take the search, I knew the real incident, but when I was searching for this, but thousands of copies are selling tonic to make that muscle!

Believe me not? Should a company pay millions of advertisements on television if there is no profit?

So this is marketing, and the marketing power, by marketing a kilo of sugar with a kilo of flour, it can be sold by packing half a kilogram of sugar and it can be sold for 5 thousand takas. If they do, you can not reach your good product or website to the consumer or visitor, is not your worth?

How to make online marketing?

1. With advertisements: Banner Ad, Linked Ed, These Reach Reach A New Site to People Suppose you created the site today, nobody knows the tie is normal. So let’s see it in a popular saute and see if someone knows the next day.

2. I can doubt whether it can be dropped in the online category by mouth or in the online category. But think of a time when there are a few sites you have with you online. But then, in the face of this man, one to five people had a big site. Even the start of the e-commerce giant “Amazon” is similar.

3. Search Engine Optimization: Big sites (excluding social engines), even on my site, I also consider 70 percent of the visitor’s pie from search engines. And after the quality of one site, it’s the biggest thing. Many people write techtunes, find many articles. (Though I’m afraid, some people know that everyone knows how to get rid of the idea of submitting a link, search engine optimization is a very sensitive matter, do not know if you have a bad backlink and can give you much back.

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