Important 7 topics before buying laptops

Important 7 topics before buying laptops

There has been a huge change in laptop design and technology over the last few years. Now it is a difficult matter to choose the necessary laptop. Keeping some issues while buying a laptop can be easy to make your decision.
If you prefer touching or touching the product, then the touchscreen laptop will be good for you. For example, the Windows 8 interface tile and gesture will improve your touchscreen experience and make it easy to use. Easy to use web pages in Windows operating systems. Apart from this, it also has the advantage of seeing pictures and documents. You can also use the touchscreen laptop as a keyboarded laptop. You get the touchscreen facility laptop in the market 50 thousand takas. Generally enough to buy low-priced laptops for movies, watching movies, listening to music, and using small amounts of work. In this case, you can buy a laptop with 15-inch screen monitor.
Design and weight
If you travel much more then you will have a lightweight laptop or lightweight Buy a laptop that has a length of 12 to 13 inches long, buy it for a long time. If you want to buy a laptop for home or office work, buy 14-inch or 15.6-inch display laptop. If you want a laptop for gamer or photo and video editing, you have to choose a powerful laptop. You can buy a 15.6 or 17-inch screen display laptop for this purpose. If you are always carrying a laptop with a laptop, you will get the metal frame of the metal frame. If your laptop is used by everyone in the house, then it would be better to use metal structures and corporate models. A lithium-ion battery is the most common laptop battery. The more cells in it (4-12), the battery will hold the maximum charge.

Data retention capacity
Keep track of how much information you can save while buying a laptop. In the present day, the use of optical drives is less than 15.6 inches of laptops. Now the flash drive based on SSD is seen to be the use of SSD instead of hard drive. Although flash storage is expensive, it is less risky to lose. Its size is small and works fast.

Operating system
Many do not buy pre-loaded operating system-based laptops for saving a small amount of money. But manually installing OS and other software are difficult and time-consuming. Install the laptop operating system while you are comfortable with it.

Laptop Size
If you think of buying a laptop for a home or office, the laptop size is big enough. This will benefit the eyes and get the benefits of work. If you have to buy a laptop for a presentation then it is better to have a shorter and smaller screen.

If there is a CPU of Intel or AMD multicore CPU on a good laptop. It is desirable to see if 3-4 USB ports and laptops are faster. Usually, high-resolution games are required to buy high-speed laptops for video editing and graphics work. For this, the processor’s clock speed is better than 3.0 GHz or more. It is also important to know which series of processors (Core iThree, Five, Seven). Before buying, definitely, take a look at the graphics capability. For video editing and graphics work, at least 4 GB of dDRRathory RAM will be good.

Be careful while buying an old laptop. Take a look at the warranty. You can trust the known brand. Before buying a laptop from dealers and retailers, it would be better to know about their after-sales services and their laptop sales record in the past. When buying, you will be able to understand the accessories, such as warranty cards, chargers, bags, etc. that are available with your laptop. Also, buy laptops from authorized dealers, importers, trusted media or shops at all times.

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