Messi will take retirement?

Argentina lost the last sixteen to France, and Argentina lost the World Cup. The pain of the 32-year World Cup did not increase, so the Argentine had increased four years. But the question is one thing in the crowd – Messi is going to retire?

Messi is left out of the field with his head on the armband, and once again the World Cup is not seen in the final. He once again failed to stage the World Cup for the country. It is necessary to tell that night was a nightmare for him.

Messi had nightmares for Messi, but this was a night of uncertainty for Messi fans. And in the World Cup will be seen in the Argentine Akashi-white jersey? Ever wondered if Messi will be able to raise the World Cup brilliant? Messi can not say the answers to the questions. He is not willing to face these questions.


Messi announced his retirement after losing the penalty shoot-out against Chile in 2016 in Copa América. But who can accept the decision of the favorite player? Messi, who came back to the national team, could not remain steadfast in his decision on the fans’ request. Russia has pulled the team in the World Cup. But the widower did not write the title this time in his fate. This time the World Cup went from the elite to him.

It was said that Messi would never win the World Cup if he did not. Age is one reason, Argentina’s intolerant supporters are also another reason. Messi is more disappointed than last World Cup, Russia World Cup It has been dropped in last sixteen. So a question comes naturally, is Messi going to retire?


Although no words were heard from Messi after losing the match against France, defensive midfielder Mascherano and Lucas Bialia both announced their retirement. “It’s time to say goodbye to me now,” said Matareño in the wet press conference yesterday, “Now it is time for us to support the team from outside the field. Hopefully, we can not, but our future generations will be able to win the World Cup. ”

On the other hand, Argentine forward Sergio Aguero said that he agreed to play again in the Akashi-White Jersey, “I’m ready to play for the country.” If the coach calls to me, I will definitely play for the country. ‘


But Messi? What will Messi do? After losing the game against Croatia, he said he would retire by winning the World Cup. But he has to wait for another four years. But Messi’s age is 31 now Qatar’s World Cup will increase 35!

Messi must take this decision. Messi fans can hope that the Argentine jersey of Qatar’s World Cup will be seen on their favorite footballer.

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