What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

What is Search Engine Optimization

There have two meaningful parts of the search engine optimization. One is the Search Engine and the other is Optimization. So, SEO is a technical web technique to optimize a search engine. In other ways, it can be said that search engine optimization is the technique or process to get a blog/website from a search engine to a better location or to the first page. It can be a kind of systematic trick to get good results from search engines.

What is a Search Engine?

Simply put, the search engine is a kind of software or application to find something on the internet. Thousands of information will be presented to you in any case when you search by typing anything. Google is the most popular search engine of recent times. In addition, Bing, Yahoo, Ask and Yandex search engines are on the popular list. We have shared a detailed post about how this search engine works and how it works.

Why is SEO done?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is used to get a blog/website to a good position in search results or to get to the first page and to get a better ranking from search engines or to get a lot of visitors to the blog from search engines. When a person correctly optimizes the search engine of his website, there will be a large number of visitors to his blog from his search engine. Because with search engine optimization, the search engine gives clear ideas about the content of its blog content. Therefore, to make any website successful or to earn from the website, its website will always have Search Engine Optimization.

What are the types of SEO?

If someone asks you how much SEO is, then anyone will talk about On Page SEO and Off Page SEO. The two types of SEO are correct. But not on Page and Off Page. SEO is basically two types. Eg 01. Organic SEO 2.0 Paid SEO Organic SEO is again two types. One is On Page SEO and the other is Off-Page SEO.

What Is Organic SEO And Paid SEO?

Organic SEO means all processes of search engine optimization, following all the rules, all the process of taking a position on the search result. On the other hand, paid SEO is coming to Google’s company for the first time on the search engine’s front page. You will notice that after searching a topic, there are some websites on top of the search result, which is shortened to Ad. They are all above Paid SEO. On the other hand, there are those websites that contain organic SEO, ie no money, Google’s position on the page.

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